Dear friends and customers,

On july 1st 2007, 10 years ago, I proudly opened the virtual doors to my online shop

It featured a very small variety of things I had made by hand. Back in those days, besides the handmade hats for example, I sold prints from digital illustrations I had done. How everything started? I posted handmade creations and illustrations online in my blog (yea, I blogged back then ^^). People started to ask, if they could get them or eventually buy them. After getting more and more requests, I registered a business and started with a very small online shop named (kyaaa as common expression for joy, among the anime and manga community which I was a part of – I still love anime and manga by the way).

It is very thrilling to think back after 10 years and look at what has become over the years. I have created about 1300 different products over the past ten years. I met awesome people, who were customers and became friends, I made many people smile. That is so awesome. I feel thankful that so many people like what I do, that they return after a while to my shop to see what is new and buy something sometimes. I get messages from customers who bought a hat years ago and still use it. All that makes me very very happy indeed.

Now, after 10 years, some things have changed. I made a living from my business to pay for my rent, food and everything during my studies at university. Being self-employed and running an independent company is tough but fulfilling as well.

What some people do not realize sometimes: this business is maintained by only one person. I get messages addressed to the team but there is no team, or rather only the “team shiricki”, that would be me. :3 It is kind of flattering, so I take it as a compliment.

During the past 6 months I slowed down a little – some of you may have noticed. I used to create a few new products every month and I was also more present on all these social media platforms. I had to slow down a little, because when you work full time 7 days a week, 8+ hours, up to sometimes 16 hours a day (Christmas time for example) – you have to take a break eventually. Instead of taking a complete break, I just slowed down. That helped me a lot during the past months, but as you can see, I am still here and I feel eager and energetic to post a lot more in the future. Maybe not all of it will be new but all of it will still be cute.

I wish to continue as long as possible and as long as people like you are interesting in the things I make. Because YOU made this happen! I only provide the goodies that you find cute and demanding. So I really hope that even when I do not update with a lot of new products monthly, you may still be interested in all that is online already and stop by from time to time. That would be overwhelming. All that IS overwhelming already.

THANK YOU! For all your support, help, joy and smiles you sent to me. Thank you so so much!

All upcoming orders will contain gifts – as long as stock lasts. Small orders will contain small gifts, big orders will contain big (or rather more) gifts. I ordered some 10 years celebration goodies that I hope you like. I will post them soon, so you can take a look.

Whoa …. 10 years.

Kind regards and all my best wishes to you
– shiricki