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In case you would like to post my work to your websites, twitter, facebook etc., I am okay with it, if you credit my work properly with a link to this website, please.

★ Artwork by shiricki – ★

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Promoting my work: – Photoshop magazine that featured my work. – Popular German teen magazine that featured my work. – I had been an active seller from 2007-2018. – Some of my art is featured there, too. – Art museum that featured my art.

Many thanks to the following websites:

Pixabay – Free Images, I used 6 images from them to create this website, thank you.

CPOThemes – Awesome themes that help you create your own website.


Art by shiricki

Artwork Portfolio Website

This website archives all things handmade since 2007. Extraordinary, unique, mostly cute items. Everything created, invented, sewed, stitched, crafted, printed, drawn, painted, designed and made by one person: shiricki

The Online Shop  is closed.

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