The Online Shop Is Closed

The Online Shop is closed.

What is featured here?

Everything handmade by me. Things I have drawn, sewn, created, made, sculptured, painted within the past years. It also features some digital art projects, which are not the „classic“ way to make something by hand – but hands are kind of used still, so I added them as well. Since was usually an online shop, it did not feature these anymore, because I removed the prints from the website. Now these works are back here, too.

Where did the online shop go?

I closed the online shop in 2018. It was open for almost 11 years. In 2018, so much changed for me and my personal life that I had to make a decision. I could not care for the online shop anymore, as I should have. But I had created sooo many things – I did not want to just delete everything. So, I decided to turn this page into a portfolio of everything handmade by me. However, I decided to just show the best stuff, not everything I had ever done. That’s what you can see now.

But where can I buy your stuff now?

At the moment: nowhere. I do not offer my creations commercially anywhere, right now. I am working on a solution but that’s a secret I cannot talk about right now. Until that time has come, this site and anything I do online remains private and noncommercial.


Art by shiricki

Artwork Portfolio Website

This website archives all things handmade since 2007. Extraordinary, unique, mostly cute items. Everything created, invented, sewed, stitched, crafted, printed, drawn, painted, designed and made by one person: shiricki

The Online Shop  is closed.

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