Green Website – green website. Environmental protection and organic production are very important to me. And I try my best to run a green page as good as I can. Often I receive questions about what I do to protect our planet and about my opinion on ecology. That is why I wrote down the aims I try to follow.

I try to offer a fair information policy and I am against greenwashing.


shiricki uses organic fabrics. Many products offered at are handmade or hand-sewn with organic cotton fabrics. Many tote bags also support fair trade and are produced in a carbon neutral way. Whenever I am able to, I use organic supplies and care for where they come from. This is most important to me when it comes to products for small children and babies.

The organic cotton products are marked with my green „100% organic cotton“ symbol and can be found very easily on this site. All natural filling (cherry pits, millet and spelt husks comes from 100% organic farming. Gently cleaned and sterilize; tempered with special heat treatment; organic cultivation (veritably certified).



shiricki recycles and uses wrapping that can be recycled. In some cases I get my supplies in boxes that I reuse. (So you will receive an used cardboard box but in perfect shape, that I payed for and is only used a second time). Cardboard boxes create additional garbage, which a reused one does not. In case I use a new box for your order, I encourage you to reuse it as well instead of throwing it away. All the wrapping I use can be recycled and does not create needless waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle.



shiricki uses green electricity. That means that all handmade products at support the demand for regenerative power instead of electricity generated by nuclear power or fossil fuels. Regenerative powers are made from sustainable sources that are available indefinitely. That means carbon neutral and environmentally friendly energy.



shiricki used to ship carbon neutrally/reduced. This included all orders shipped via letter set or package worldwide. Packages were shipped via Hermes (Hermes-We-Do) within Germany or DHL Go Green (carbon neutral shipping) internationally; letters were shipped via Deutsche Post Go Green. Carbon neutral shipping supports environment protection.
More information: HermesGo Green & DHL Go Green.


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