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I started sewing professionally in my mid twenties. I have not been taught or have not studied fashion design or sewing at all. The first item I sew (with my new sewing machine) was a simple black Cat Hat for myself. Back then, there was no one selling these kind of hats in Germany, so I saw a chance to introduce them here – and it worked very well. Over the past years I created more countless hat designs but also expanded to sewing clothes and cute accessories. I also sew by hand without a machine. After a while I bought an embroidery machine, as well.


I have been crafting since I was a child – like just almost everybody on this planet. ­čÖé

Drawing & Painting

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Digital Art

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Art by shiricki

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This website archives all things handmade since 2007. Extraordinary, unique, mostly cute items. Everything created, invented, sewed, stitched, crafted, printed, drawn, painted, designed and made by one person: shiricki

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