These books are extra practical for your school, student or work life. It is not only a notebook you can scribble into, no, it also helps you to keep yourself organized. You can store a lot of things in there, like cards, tickets, photographs or whatever you want to have with yourself.

Specials for your convenience: image holder, card holder and pencil holder.

Image holder: The front flap has a clean image window attached, so you can put a photo inside or a bus ticket or whatever you feel suitable.

Card holder: The back flap has a card holder attached. Aou can put your copycard or student ID card inside. It is big enough to put a few flat objects in there like cards and there is enough space for a small ruler.

Pencil holder: When closed with the ribbon you can push a pencil between the ribbon and the book.

If the notebook is completely filled with your ideas and notes, you can buy a new standart blank notebook size DinA6 and put it inside the sewed cover. So you can reuse it over and over again.

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