Cozy Soap

Hand-felted soap.

The soap was made especially for by a professional soap manufactory under the highest cosmetic standards.

Each large soap piece lasts a month (on average usage) or even longer. Each small pice of soap lasts a few weeks. You can keep the felt-cover afterwards because „wool + water + soap = fabric“. That means that when you have used all the soap inside, you will still have some kind of felt-bag. You can cut it open and put something else inside. You could even put a new piece of soap inside, if you like and reuse it again.

Great gift idea: This makes a perfect (Christmas or birthday) gift for someone very special, in case you want to give something extra unique.

100% handmade. Every single soap is hand-felt with a lot of love and patience. That means that every soap is an unique item and only exists one single time. Even if the motive seems similar, no soap equals one another.

Each large soap is wrapped inside natural mold-made paper. Each small soap is comes inside a lovely organza bag. this makes it a perfect and special gift to a friend or family member you love. Or in case you purchase the soap for yourself, you can feel special too, when unwrapping the soap.

Art by shiricki

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