Wonderland Chest

You must know, I am a very big Alice in Wonderland fan and the other day it came to my mind to create cookies inspired by my favorite movie but I wanted them to last forever. So I came up these and they truly last forever. They look like the tiny cookies Alice eats in the movie to grow or shrink. This is the perfect gift or goodie for every Alice in Wonderland fan.

The wooden chest is inspired by the movie as well. It is hand-painted from top to bottom. It looks like the one Alice opens when talking to Mr. Knob and takes out a cookie. This set includes 3 different cookies, one saying „eat me“, another saying „take one“ and the last saying „try me“. All of them are handmade by me with a lot of love and patience.

The wooden chest is made of strong and high quality wood. It comes with golden closing. The cookies vary from 2,5-5cm (1-2 inch) and each is covered with glitter. The chest as well as the cookies are colored with acrylics and finally covered with shiny varnish to protect them from dirt and damage.

Art by shiricki

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